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UCL Archaeology Collections Online Catalogue

UCL Archaeology Collections Online Catalogue

What is the Catalogue?

This is the catalogue of the objects held by The UCL Institute of Archaeology Collections. To explore the catalogue, click on the ‘Search' button above.

This collection contains archaeological material from around the world including ceramic vessels, stone tools and vessels, metalwork, figurines, jewellery and a range of other object types. Highlights include the Petrie Palestinian Collection; Near Eastern objects from excavations at Jericho, Atchana, and Ur; Cypriot tomb groups from Vounous; The Gayer-Anderson Collection of Classical Antiquities; The Humbla Collection of Scandinavian lithics, and Acheulean tools from Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania.


All images and text in the catalogue remain the copyright of UCL Institute of Archaeology unless otherwise stated

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